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Providing Hot Meals for NHS Night Staff

A consultant at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital told us that "the frontline staff were having a terrible and stressful time, working 12-14 hour shifts with no food available to them. The canteens are closed at night. The nurses, many of whom live alone, some of whom have to go to food banks, are exhausted after their long shifts".


Since 27th March 2020, we have supplied 40 meals per night to the frontline night shift staff at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Our chefs, Sergio, Luis & Cesar have generously and freely volunteered to help. 760 meals have already been delivered to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and 100 meals to The Royal London Hospital. As of 14th April, we also started supplying hot meals to the frontline night shift staff at Epsom General Hospital in addition to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. We will now supply 70 meals per evening, an increase from 280 to 490 meals per week.


In our experience, there are many donations for nurses working during the day, but not for those working at night. Where there are donations of food to the night shift staff, they never make it to them; and that's why we need your help.


Please donate anything you can spare to help those who care for us. 

"To date, over 5,000 meals have been provided during an eleven week period on a not-for-profit basis"

For you at home, and your team at work

Serving delicious homemade food has been our passion since 1983.

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible high standard of service with quality produce prepared daily using the freshest ingredients sourced from London's finest markets. Our skilful team will accommodate your individual requirements. If quality food at fair prices is what you want, with friendly, helpful staff and a real personal commitment to excellence, then you need look no further.

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